Some of the lovely feedback we received for our 2019 show – All Work, No Play…

We were so impressed with the show last week. FM

The shows were fabulous and I know xxxxx was very pleased with how she performed. KA

Congratulations to you and all your team on another fantastic production. AB

Firstly can I congratulate you all on the wonderful show, it was imaginative and creative and delightful. It was an absolute joy to watch all the dancers. RE

Many congratulations on the show. We thought it was brilliant. MB

Just wanted to send a message to you both and all of the team at GSD for such a beautiful and professional show yesterday. Stunning performances, beautiful costumes with so much attention to detail. Our daughter has only been at GSD since December and she adores her lessons, the show has really shown her what all these weekly sessions can culminate into, and it is so inspiring for such young girls to watch the older grades dancing. Another very special thank you to xxxx and xxxxx who not only dance with ‘the zoo animals’ but also cared for her so kindly at all the rehearsals, which was initially quite a nervous time for a 5 yr old… by Friday, she was running in, bounding with confidence and excitement!! We feel it is fantastic to have the ‘older’ girls mentoring and looking after the younger girls and boys, as well as working backstage….and dancing… WOW! what incredible ballerinas and dancers they are!

And the organisation of everything was wonderful, we knew our daughter was being beautifully looked after in an inspiring and safe environment… thank you. DW

……. congratulations on the amazing show! We thoroughly enjoyed it and were most impressed. CW

Wonderful show and, as always, so well choreographed and organised. KJ

I just wanted to write to you to congratulate you on the success of ‘All
Work No Play’ – it was absolutely fabulous! I know that there is an
enormous amount of planning and work going into the show in terms of
choosing the music, choreography and teaching the dances, the sewing of
the costumes and making sure that all the parents know about rehearsals.
I don’t know how you do it year on year as each show is unique, so well
thought out and so well executed.

There is a real sense of community about GSD, with those of us that have been with you for a number of years passing on our learnings to some of the newer parents, and I really enjoyed the team spirit amongst the Matrons and the older girls as we all worked together to make sure that the younger children were ready at the right time. The older girls are
obviously inspirational and great role models for the younger girls. I had to giggle at one point as I was talking to one of the other Matrons and she was telling me how her 4 year old daughter had taken great pleasure in explaining ‘black out’ to her!

As in previous years I found the whole experience of being involved in the show deeply satisfying and enjoyable. Thank you for allowing me to be part of it and I am so proud to be able to say that my children, my husband (selling refreshments at the interval!) and I were all involved. VE