“We love coming to Guildhall because it is a very friendly atmosphere and the dancing is such good fun! And also you get to meet all your friends. You should come to Guildhall if you love to dance.”
Katie(age 12) & Gemma (age 13)

“I have returned to dance classes after 18 years and although I was a little apprehensive to begin with I was made to feel extremely welcome. I am currently studying for my professional qualifications and teaching certificates and I have found Francesca Waite to be an extremely caring and yet thorough and experienced teacher. I have had several dance tutors in the past and I can say that Francesca is the best. The level of expertise at Guildhall is combined with friendly and approachable teachers and it is a great combination that brings out the best in everyone.”
Michelle Busuttil

“I started my lessons at Guildhall at the age of 5 and I’ve never looked back, the atmosphere both in the lessons and around the building is a warm welcoming one and everybody gets along with each other, the whole teaching staff is committed and always achieve good exam results with the students. Every two years when the shows are put on a good review always follows and the students always look forward to doing the show work. Guildhall will never let anyone down!”
Daniel (age 18)

“Thank you for so many years of great tuition and enjoyment. I learned so much from both Francesca and Carla and still love coming back to watch their current students, all of whom are benefiting from the same wonderful teaching and insight into professional world of dance and theatre. Without their knowledge, support, patience and passion, I would never have achieved so much nor still feel like Guildhall is my second home!”
Tiffany Wilkinson (Former Student)

“I joined Guildhall at the age of 8 and have been fortunate enough to benefit from the superb teaching of both Francesca Waite and Carla Leney. Initially I attended only ballet, but after watching one of the many great shows produced by the school I soon caught the Modern and Tap bug!

In my opinion the teaching offered at Guildhall is exceptional. Both Carla and Francesca are passionate and dedicated teachers who will support student’s potential to the utmost. As not the quickest of learners(!) I really benefited from their patient and encouraging disposition.

The school really embraces a family culture and students interact with each other regardless of age or ability. The atmosphere is so friendly it is impossible to leave a lesson without a smile on your face and having made a friend.

Whether learning for fun, or with a career in the industry in mind, Carla and Francesca will wholeheartedly support the aspirations of any student. I personally benefited from my dance lessons at Guildhall academically during my A Level Performing Arts course; my teacher praising my technique and presentation.

On a broader level, as aforementioned the shows produced by Guildhall are brilliant. From the initial rehearsal to “curtain up” they are nothing but fun and exciting. Students benefit from the challenge of learning new choreography and their hard work is rewarded when their skills are showcased in a 300 seat theatre in front of a packed audience of proud friends and family.

Finally on a more personal note, I only have the fondest of memories of my time at Guildhall. Francesca has watched me grow from a shy 8 year old with awfully bowed legs(!) into a confident and outgoing young woman (still with slightly bowed legs, but we’re getting there, Cesca!) At 19 years old, and with a place at University in Manchester confirmed I had to make the difficult decision to finish my regular lessons, but still visit whenever I can as I can’t quite face hanging up the tap shoes just yet!

I hold GSD in the highest regard and would have no hesitation in recommending the school most highly to any prospective student – I only hope you enjoy your time here half as much as I have.”
Sarah Spooner (Guildhall School of Dancing student for 11 years)